In these short videos, Trade Show Strategy Specialist, Robyn at WINH, answers questions from real life event professionals (like you!) to help them achieve their goals through trade shows.

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Why can't I just have my booth visitors fill out a form with their information?


Meet Robyn at WINH 

Robyn Davis is a Trade Show Strategy Specialist and the Owner of Exhibitor Education by WINH.

She is known for her fresh perspective and process-driven approach to exhibitor success. She provides strategic booth staff training and consulting services to exhibitors in industries like healthcare, construction, and technology (directly and through event organizers, like RSNA, AEM, and OTC).

Robyn has recently been selected for BizBash's inagural "500 Most Influential Event Professionals in North America" list and Connect Association's "40 Under 40" list. She has also presented educational sessions at prestigious industry events, including EXHIBITORLIVE, IMEX America, HCEA Connect, and others.

Her degree is in Aerospace Engineering and her company is a CMP Preferred Provider (which means, some of the classes she teaches may be pre-approved for CMP continuing education credits).


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January Videos

Week 1: How can I maximize my exhibiting ROI? (part 1)

Week 2: How can I maximize my exhibiting ROI? (part 2)

Week 3: What value can a CEO bring by having him or her on-site (at a trade show)?

Week 4: How can I ensure that my CEO actually brings value to our trade shows?

February Videos

Week 5: What is the business value of volunteering?

Week 6: How far in advance should I train my booth staff?

Week 7: How can I get my leads to respond to post-show follow up?

Week 8: How can I avoid looking like a "mom and pop" shop in my 10x10 booth space?

March Videos

Week 9: Is it possible to have too much booth traffic? If so, what should I do about it?

Week 10: What should I do if it feels like my show management isn't supportive?

Week 11: How can I get my sales staff to schedule meetings in advance?

Week 12: How do I know which vendor emails are real (and which ones are scammers)?

Week 13: When should I use a "fishing net" vs. a "fishing pole" approach to trade show lead generation?

April Videos

Week 14: Is it worth it to bring printed literature/collateral to a trade show?

Week 15: I just "tanked" my speaking engagement... What do I do now?

Week 16: How can I get out of a conversation that's going nowhere?

Week 17: What advice do you have about space selection (AKA how can I get the best booth space)?

May Videos

Week 18: When you have a new idea, what steps do you take to understand what to do with it?

Week 19: How can I protect my new technology and proprietary information when I'm exhbiting?

Week 20: Where can I find show statistics from previous years, without asking show management?

Week 21: What is the best way to teach my trade show team proper booth etiquette?

Week 22: What is the best follow up, several months after a trade show, if you haven't connected with your booth visitors yet?

June Videos

Week 23: How much lead qualification should you do in your trade show booth?

Week 24: How can we keep people who just want free stuff from taking up all of our booth space?

Week 25: How can I avoid overspending at trade shows?

Week 26: How can I get my booth staffers to take notes?

July Videos

Week 27: Why is follow up important for exhibitors?

Week 28: What's trending in exhibit booth designs?

Week 29: When a group of professionals visit your booth, should you scan everyone's badge or focus on the primary contact instead?

Week 30: How can you not lose clients by not doing quick and quality follow up (AKA how can you make sure you don't miss your opportunity to follow up)?

August Videos

Week 31: How can I be more strategic with my trade show attraction selection process?

Week 32: How can I, more authentically and more quickly, "work" a networking event?

Week 33: How can I better organize my trade show planning efforts?

Week 34: Do you have any tips for tracking sales progress during a trade show?

Week 35: What types of value should startups focus on at trade shows, especially if they aren't "selling" anything yet?

September Videos

Week 36: How do event professionals navigate being clean and sober at networking functions?

Week 37: When is the best time for an exhibitor to email a hot trade show lead?

Week 38: Should I rent the attendee list from the show management?

Week 39: How can attending sessions help my exhibiting efforts?

October Videos

Week 40: Why can't I just have my booth visitors fill out a form with their information?