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Now that 2020 is officially behind us, it's time to refocus on the future... Learn the top 10 strategic actions that Robyn recommends exhibitors and event organizers complete now (they're totally worth it!) in these free 30-minute webinar recordings:


How We Help Exhibit Managers & Individual Exhibitors Win

Video Interview (above) with Carrie N. (Owner/Director of Operations)

"Even though I thought I knew what I was doing when it came to trade shows, Robyn brought so many new ideas to me and new ways to look at things... I learned a ton." - Neal M. (VP of Marketing)

"You can find things online about how to do a trade show the right way, but nothing compares to the one-on-one time that you can get with someone who knows how to do this properly." - Katherine M. (Marketing Specialist)

For the past 10+ years, we have been serving exhibitors in healthcare, oil and gas, construction, and other industries, within the United States and around the world, directly and through their event organizers.

The most successful exhibit managers realize that they can't just fill out a few forms, show up in the convention city, and expect impressive results to fall in their laps - instead, they have to equip their teams (and themselves!) to execute the strategic processes that really work in this unique environment... before, during, and after each trade show.

These exhibit managers come to us because they want simple, step-by-step solutions and new, creative ideas that can be applied to their specific situations quickly. This way, they can improve their exhibiting performance, without neglecting their other responsibilities.

Exhibit managers, ask us about... 

  • Strategic Consulting and Program Evaluations
  • Strategic Booth Staff Training and On-Site Oversight
  • Speaking Sessions (In-Person and Web-Based Options)


How We Help Event Organizers & Groups of Exhibitors Win

We support exhibitors at the Offshore Technology Conference, NSSF's SHOT Show, AEM's CONEXPO-CON/AGG, RSNA, and other well-known events, all on behalf of their event organizers.

The most successful event organizers don't just KNOW that they have to do more to serve their exhibitors now than ever before, but they WANT to do more... because they value their relationships with their exhibitors and they genuinely care about their exhibitors' success.

These event organizers come to us because they want a fresh (and fully customized!) approach, actionable ideas that can make a difference for their exhibitors right away, and a true partner that understands their most pressing needs before addressing them. This way, they can improve their exhibitor satisfaction/retention and the health of their organization/event, all at the same time.

Event organizers, ask us about...

  • Award-Winning Small Group Training Program (SGTP)
  • Exhibitor Advisory Council (EAC) Facilitation
  • Q+A Webinars and One-on-One Consulting Sessions
  • Keynotes, Workshops, and Roundtable Sessions 
  • Content Creation - Including Articles, Videos, and Weekly Tips

Video Interview (above) with Sherry Gendel, CMP at RSNA

"Many exhibitors get comfortable with their tradeshow programs and often take on the "if it ain't broke don't fix it" approach but Robyn definitely challenges them to think beyond the now to stay ahead of trends for maximum ROl." - Mary Bukovic, CEM, CMP at AEM

"Robyn was extremely professional and put on a sensational presentation. With her wealth of knowledge, she has become an asset to our team... The exhibitors were very pleased and thankful that we made this part of our program." - Paul Bascomb, CEM at AAO-HNSF

"Robyn Davis is a visionary... She is innovative and original in her ideas, and brings new concepts to our exhibitors through her instruction and guidance." - Aleigha Frazier at SPE & OTC

Robyn's Recent Honors

  • Pacesetter Award - Young Professionals (Events Industry Council)
  • Changemakers List (MeetingsNet)
  • Top 25 Influencers of the Meetings Industry (Northstar Meetings Group)
  • BizBash 1000 List & BizBash 500 List - Trade Show Management
  • Smart Women in Meetings - Stellar Performers (Smart Meetings)
  • 20 Women Leaders in Business List (Sales Lead Management Association)
  • 40 Under 40 Lists (Exhibit City News and Connect Association)

** Exhibitors WINH LLC is also a proud member of IAEE and a CMP Preferred Provider; as a result, some of the classes/sessions Robyn teaches have been pre-approved for continuing education credits. Robyn has recently earned her CPTD (to become a Certified Professional in Talent Development) and been selected to serve as a Board Member for IAEE's Southeastern Chapter.

Free Resource: "10 Trade Show Tips..." Video Series

Short video solutions to major trade show challenges, like...


What if... you aren't 100% confident your in-person trade show will actually happen?

low battery

What if... the power goes out in the middle of your virtual meeting/event?

subtract people

What if... no one visits your in-person or virtual trade show booth? (two videos)


What if... a key component of your on-site exhibiting set-up is damaged or missing?

sad face

What if... another virtual trade show (for the same audience, before yours) doesn't go well?


What if... you really need your show contact (now), but you can't get in touch with them?

Should We Speak Soon?

In addition to her work with exhibit managers and event organizers, Robyn speaks at industry events like ExhibitorLive, IMEX America, and HCEA Connect year-after-year. Please stay tuned for Robyn's upcoming face-to-face speaking engagements and, in the meantime, click the buttons below to connect with Robyn online.